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OraKawach Is An Excellent Mouth Gel . It is a perfect combination of 12 fast acting herbs which may help to prevent and treat Mouth wounds, cuts and mouth ulcer.Prevent And Cure toothache, gingivitis .Stop Bleeding & decrease swelling in Gums.

chewing Gutka ,Betal nuts and tabacoo products is injurious to health, so leave it. Regular use of Orakawach Mouth Gel may help to prevent and treat mouth problem ,as per direction of uses.For better result Kindly read our Leave addiction > Protect Oral Health.

It is a herbal medicine and no side effect found , don't swallow the first produced saliva after apply gel in mouth. And if swallowed the gel a little amount ( up to 500 mg ) then no harmful for heath .

Apply Required quantity of OraKawach mouth gel on the affected area and gently massage over inner mouth skin or mouth wounds and Cuts , 3-4 times daily each 3 hours interval. Specially once at bed time( while going to sleep) . For effective result don't chew and drink any thing next 20 -25 minutes after apply gel. It is recommended don,t swallow the gel and first saliva produced after apply gel.

Very effective herbal remedy and effect start in 5 days . It is recommended use consistently at least 2-3 months for good dental health.

Yes, Orakawach is Very effective for stop bleeding in Gums , while decreasing swelling. The combination of natural herbs in Orakawach helps in making your gums healthy.

First of all you have to quit this habit of tobacco and gutka chewing. It can have serious effects on your life and may be serious problems sub mucous fibrosis . You need to consult a dentist for physical examination to find out the cause. Apply Orakawach mouth gel consistently on affected area at least 5-6 months as per direction for uses, for recover good oral health. Kindly read home remedy for addiction section

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